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The evolution of e-commerce to m-commerce.

The major challenge facing Latin American's main retailers is to make buyers Who visit their virtual stores get the right product in an unparalleled shopping experience. To achieve this is imminent the modification of the strategy of e-commerce that have been taking, taking advantage of the latest technological innovations, following the trends that are transforming the industry and making Customers to modify their buying habits both offline and online. The following are the main trends that should be seriously considered if one Company aspires to become a key player in this industry:

  • User Experience
  • Professionalizing the online channel
  • Mutlichannel / Omnichannel
  • Movility
  • New tecnologies

So, why a Native App?

Customers can no longer wait to find a PC to get product information Or make your purchases. Therefore, those who do not present their offer on all available platforms will not be able to compete. In the last year, consumption from mobile devices in Latin America grew by 5.7%, reaching 8.1% in March 2013. This reflects a clear trend of migration in the form of consumption towards smartphones and tablets; Who currently have more than 1 billion users in the world. The m-commerce (mobile commerce) will have a preponderant role in the evolution of electronic commerce for the next years.
The new technologies (Geolocation, Biometry, Augmented Reality, Data Base In Memory) allow to influence the experiences of users' purchases in physical stores and even in the vicinity of them. The application of these technologies will contribute to a significant improvement in the shopping experience of customers.
Many of the big names in the Retail industry have not been able to find a place within the online sector mainly because they neglect the user's buying experience and do not give the digital channel the attention and relevance required. According to market predictors, the projections for the future are very encouraging. Since it is estimated that e-commerce will at least maintain the growth levels of recent years. Millions of new users will join the internet and through multiple devices will look for products and offers, analyze the experiences of their contacts and many Of them will turn to the online purchase. In this context of expansion of the sector, those who know to read the needs and requirements of the users and the trends for the next years will have the great opportunity to reverse the current situation becoming key players of the sector. Those who want to lead the future of e-commerce in the region should focus on: • Invest in technological innovation • Develop digital business skills • Exploit the power of social networks • And mainly to study the new habits of the consumers to define strategies that Meet their demands and needs.



"Offering your customers a mobile application, is to be in constant communication with them and to offer them unique options. It is an excellent choice for mobile and e-commerce devices. I + Dev offers your company a complete alternative for mobile applications developed with functional and nice design options, which will allow costumer customers to browse, buy and obtain information about their products In a very intuitive and agile way. Our commercial application proposal has 2 important products, designed so that each customer can have access to their own application"

Structural model of commercial applications

Many companies have the need to launch mobile devices business applications in an agile and economical way to offer that benefit to their customers. I + Dev designed commercial applications structured model. It consists of an application designed strategically for that line of the company of the businesses. As a structural model housed in our servers and with the support and maintenance of a structure that works properly we get the costs and length of time drastically reduced.

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